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Mega Moon - Final - No Background by Shamrock-Black Mega Moon - Final - No Background :iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 3 1
Midnight Sun
Basking in the dry light of the midnight sun
shuddering fear of choice we all must make.
Following the twisted rivers of unshed tears
fleeing the ancient monsters of our uncertainty.
A thousand generations of one who wonders...
who wanders alone amongst the legion of man
There upon shallow horizon it appears
Brilliant star burst falling on closed ears
If only i could open up sealed eyes
mine own and others too.
See me please my midday star,
for to be seen is to know you ARE.
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 1 1
Slow Realization
Silver frost upon a windowsill,
I can see it now that I have time to kill.
It's in the stillness of this morning new,
That first I taste the morning dew.
Why is it I can not restore,
Things to the way they were before?
Do I even want it so?
It would seem I no longer know.
Now I know the stillness of the earth,
A feeling few feel after birth.
Now I know, I can finally see,
There is not even friendship between you and me.
But I know now to look past the sorrow,
To see the possibilities of tomorrow.
So perhaps one day we can be friends,
But until that day, this poetry ends.
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
You've Broken Me...
To want so much yet be always denied!
You cannot know this pain held inside
i scream and cry and writhe in such pain
Only to live it all over again!
You've done it again; you've left me broken,
To you my love is not even a token!
Humor me not with your little white lies
Every time you do again my heart dies!
Here i lie now, all twisted and torn
Out of these ashes no hope can be bourn!
Out of your life i was casually brushed
With nary a care for what hopes may be crushed!
i mourn now for the love no longer there
And then wonder now...why, oh why, would you care?!?
And now i lay here now so battered, so bruised
And think that just maybe, perhaps, i've been used!
Again and again you've filled me with hope
Then left me alone to cling to this rope!
i loved you! and loved you! and loved you some more!
Only for you to SLAM your hearts door!
You won't let me be here you won't let me go!
How can i live like this, i fear i don't know!
Oh love can be brutal and love can be kind
Oh please my sweet
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Aweful Stranger
I happen upon a stranger,
Wandering along the road.
His clothes were worn and dirty,
On his back lay a heavy load.
And so I called right out to him,
“Oh stranger I do pray,”
“Come and have a meal with me,
Oh please, oh won’t you stay?”
He turn to me at this and then,
With a gentle nod.
He turned to me and then I saw,
The very features of a god.
Only then did I a last notice,
The stranger bore a sword.
And quickly I did stammer,
“Forgive me please my lord!”
And then he finally spoke to me,
His voice was slow and firm.
“You have no need to fear me sir,
Unless you know the wyrm.”
“I have sought it long and hard,”
This noble knight did say.
“And it’s this wyrm that brings me here,
Its him that I would slay!”
“I’ve seen this dragon I exclaimed,
I’ve seen him fly and soar!”
“Why even this very night,
I’ve heard his mighty roar!”
“At last” he roared in triumph,
and drew his might
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 1 0
Long Dead Cries
i have heard the battles call,
echoing down this old knight's hall.
i have heard those silent screams,
of vanquished foes who haunt my dreams.
i have heard those goustly songs,
of bitter hate and long-dead wrongs.
i have heard this wailing cry,
of weeping spirit as again it dies.
Come listen now and i'll tell you tales,
of a noble kight who one day fails,
to set his captured bretheren free.
You see that knight was me!
One dark and dissmal nite,
WE thriteen set out to fight
A very vast and mighty hoard
The army of the Midnight Lord!
But i fear we were greatly outnumbered
And my brave bothers were already incumbered
With the wounds of battles long past
We feared this fight may be our last!
As the enemy's vast legion grew near,
Me and my brothers fought through our fear
Towards us they came, like some mighty flood
And we set to bathing the land in their blood
But in the end we were simply to few,
and i only at last had broke through.
In to the forest, to safety i ran,
as behind me the tor
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 1
Devil's Pit
As I walk 'ward devil's cave
It is too late my soul to save
As I step cross burning coals
And brush away these poor lost souls
I hesitate for but an instant
But I fear my curiosity is too insistent
I find that I cannot turn away
I shall see the devils own eyes today
I creep toward the gapping mouth
As it yawns towards the south
I struggle to make nary a sound
Taking furtive glances all around
1 step 2 step 3 step 4...
I creep across the dark cave floor
I know it’s not polite to creep,
But I know not what in this cave's asleep!
I hear that snarling, grating growl
Followed by putrid breath so foul
At last I think I found its lair
No more then down this twisted stair!
Down these stairs I slowly descend,
Stretching to see beyond the next bend.
As I see flickering shadows of fire,
I know I near my curiosities desire.
Then I heard that terrible Call
And I turned to run, only to fall!
"Ah little mortal its too late to run
Never again shall you see the dawn's sun"
With no hesitation I spo
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Lost Center
I lost you in the darkness
I couldn’t find you for all I’ve tried
Through the trees I hear you voice
It calls out to me
I think
I hope
But no…its not my name you call
You have forgotten my already
I am but a distant memory already
Given over to the wind and rain
Harsh nature makes me see the truth
I have been abandoned
Once more I find myself lost
Amongst the thousands
The mindless throng
They cannot see me you know
Not really, to them I am as invisible as the wind
As inconsequential as one star amongst the millions
But tell me this my kind betrayer
My gentle Judas in the night
Without one to know us, how can we be?
Am I really here…if no one knows to know it?
Always it has been you,
My Muse
My Aphrodite
Who has made me….
You were my center and now you are gone
I exist no more without you
Then a circle without a center
You have shaped me
You have defined me
And you have left me
To fade
But I am not so easily banished I think
I cannot be whole as I
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Shadow Of Salvation
can you hear me
way out there, can you
hear my silent screaming,
dark angel of my day time nightmare?
It was simple what
we wanted you and i
has wanted...
to be happy to be loved
and sometimes just to be.
We were each other's shelter
all we'd ever need
but then that bond was broken
by bitterness, by greed
And now we hardly know us,
we're not half what we used to be
broken shadows of ancient lovers
shivering in shadows of what we've lost
I wish that i could blame you,
i wish that i could hate
but as much as i may wish
by now its far too late.
Some things will never change
though you may wish that they would.
I will always know you far better then
any other ever could.
I remember in days of summer
when we could never be apart
we ran and laughed and drank and sang
like it would never end
i remember swimming with you
it seems like years ago
i remember how you pushed me off
and down and down i go
And now i'm plunging once again
with no water down below
with out you i have no safety,
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Little Less Me
Every single day I’m a little less me,
With every little change I’m a little less free
I can feel myself drowning but I don’t really know it
I scream for all the pain inside, I just can’t seem to show it
Like waves of doubt breaking on the beach
I’m swimming for the surface; I just can’t seem to reach
I’m trapped behind the mirror; I’m hidden in the walls
For all my weary screaming, no one can hear my calls
They could see it if they were looking, there inside my eyes
If they listened they might hear, my souls voiceless cries
I’m pounding on the door of this satin covered box
But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t break the locks
In terrifying darkness, I’m running out of air
But as I look around, nobody seems to care
They just keep piling on the dirt, like I’m really dead
Gets so hard to remember, it’s all just in my head
Our lives are like a broken clock
Always ticking on and on
But never
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Friendship Forgotten
How long has it been?
I can hardly remember
Seems like joyful eternity
Through thick and thin
Fun times and hard times
You were always there to share
I wanted to see you so bad
I thought that you did too
When I found out you did not
It cut me all the way through
In my darkest times
It was to you that I turned
Remember all the things we did
All the things we slowly learned
And then all of a sudden
Everything about us changed
Where once we were soul mates
Now we seem oddly estranged
Where once we would talk
For hours on end
The fear grows in me now
Is our friendship to end?
I promised you everything
The whole bloody world
And to the ground my promises
You so casually hurled
I don’t understand you,
God what have I done
To inspire such hurtful
Unwanted treason?
I try to ask you what’s wrong
And you just shut me out
Can’t you try to explain?
What this bullshit is all about?
I try to ask you again
Cause I know its not right
You just get more angry
Are you looking for a fight?
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Fires In Spain
I kneel here in my cell
All bound up with rough chain
Silently hoping and praying
That I will get to see you again
So long has it been
Since I heard a kind voice,
And if I could it would
Be yours, that’s my choice
I know all too well where
They are taking me now
Can they not this one
Simple kindness allow?
But I know they will not
Show this mercy to me
No more then they would
Today set me free
But who would show mercy
To the devil incarnate
They hand me foul justice
Which true law would soon frustrate
And so I’m here a prisoner
Of these bastard son’s of God
They could be so much more holy
If they’d only spare the rod
But alas they pass judgment,
And my fate now sealed
By fire, they say my
True form shall be revealed
What Corruption! What Delusion!
What a self centered lot
Their greed and their cruelty
Shall not soon be forgot
And so let us go to the fires,
Come now let us leave.
It is only for my lost love
That with tears I now grieve.
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Go Gentle Into
Wish that i could make you stay
Your leaving takes my soul away
Before you i was half a soul
And only you can make me whole
I'm waiting here inside this prison
But suddenly a Hope has risen
A Hope that you will stay right here
A Hope that you'll abate my Fear
Come to me dark Princess of the Night
Come shelter me from searing light
Close with you behind these forbodeing doors
Everything I am will now be yours
You tell me that you want me for your slave
Do you really think that i would behave?
You may have power over me
Bit you know that I always will be free
Oh! Your beauty's like a gentle flower
I dream of you with every hour
From this day I'll hold you tighter
You are My Valkyrie You are my Fighter!
Come to me dark Princess of the Night
Come shelter me from searing light
Close with you behind these forebodings doors
Everything i am will now be yours!
Our saga is not ended yet
do not surrender, do not forget
I'm comng now to lift you up
to share with you this eternal Cup
So even though
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Final Solution
No glory for us
on heaven or earth
we few who art damned
from moment of birth
With sockets for eyes
i stare at the world
as i bear witness
to terrors unfurled
And the worst part about it
i can never go home
as for my sins
I'm banished to roam
There are things i have done
He can never forgive
mistakes i remember
every moment i live
But for it all
is it really my fault
whatever my effort
the same sad result
So what is my hope
for sweet absolution?
always i come to
the same damn solution
And so for my actions
which i cannot defend
i trek ever closer
to this terrible end
So hug me goodbye
and bestow me a kiss
just let me believe
its me that you'll miss
Now it is done
how i wish i could stay
but slowly me life
is drip drip dripping away
"It is not for you to judge me priest
That was done long ago."
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Eternity Ending Everything
Would have thought
that this pain would fade
but maybe this shit
never goes away
all of this talking
don't make any sense
i can't even feel
the hate you despense
It doesn't get through,
my skin's getting hard
my eyes are not seeing
as much as i try
oh my love i can't
even cry
Its not what you think
i'm stronger then that
oh Atlas at last
i can know how you feel
I bear the whole world
then a little bit more
but it doesn't matter
you're not keeping score
its good that you're not
i don't think i'd win
its so hard to run when
your weighed down with sin
So please don't try to save me
don't offer me hope
cause my only future's
at the end of this rope
Im stuck in this phase of
Depression I cant seem
To get myself out of and
This rope I have been talking
About is not starting to snap.
I don't know what it is..
But its like im live bait because
Chaos is always attracted to me.
And im sick of your bullshit stories
How you can save me..
I look up and call to the above
I knock on heavens door but
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0
Made, Not Born
I was born, the same as you
All wet flesh and bloody goo
I was held with loving grace
And first contentment crossed my face
But alas, I’m not that child
Who once was happy running wild
Many things have changed since then
As my birth to Pain began
For you see, not born, I’m made
This twisted thing that God Forbade
And no matter how I have screamed
There is no hope I’ll be redeemed
It started out when I’m still young
This transformation just begun
With child’s mind I still could see
No God was watching over me
Before my eyes my sister died
But for it I never cried
And so it was now understood
‘Tween God and me there was no good
For you see, not born, I’m made
This twisted thing that God Forbade
And no matter how I’ve screamed
There is no hope I’ll be redeemed
Then I had the best of friends
We swore we’d be thus till the end
And then those sweet horizons grayed
For by this friend I was betrayed
So as it was so long before
My hope was stole
:iconshamrock-black:Shamrock-Black 0 0


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Shamrock-Black's Profile Picture
Merihk Blackwell
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I have spent the whole of my adult life in singular pursuit of a business career, only to have it all swept away by the careless decision of some dumb kid just out of highschool. Then something amazing happened, with the help of my beautiful and infinitely more talented wife I have rediscovered a passion for art and writing that I had long forgotten.

I live a life wholly defined by pain, and I fine respite in art of all kinds. I spend long days and sleepless nights browsing through this awe inspiring art and clutching that art to myself like my only blanket on a cold winter's night.

**To all those I favorite I want to thank you because you have impressed or inspired me and that means everything to me. I do wish I left a comment on every piece but the volume of art I collect makes this somewhat impractical (nevermind the time I should be spending keeping things organized).

I am a fiction writer first and only occasionally dable in visual art despite how much I love it; although I have not done any writing in a very long time I am excited to start again. When I am not writing I do some drawing but prefer to ink & color mostly.

I am always looking for motivation and I am open to ideas so if you have an idea for a short story or a scene you would be interested in seeing written just send me a message.


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